Welcome to my studio

The place where music becomes reality

Hello. My name is Darya but my students call me Dasha. I came to this county many years ago, from Russian Federation. All my life I have been playing, teaching, and learning classical music. I hope to be able to pass along the love of music to everyone willing to learn.

Since the inception of my studio, I have had many students, from 4 years old to 78 years young. Amongst them have been those who have decided to fully dedicate their lives to music as well as those for whom music is simply a fulfilling hobby and entertainment. No matter what the future holds for my students, the biggest reward for me is to see the spark of interest in their eyes and hear the disheartened phrase:

"Is my lesson over already?"

That is when I feel that I am not wasting time but, in fact, actually helping others achieve their dreams.

Anyone can learn to play piano. If you have an interest, desire, and determination, you already have a great start. If in addition you can thoroughly apply yourself you can achieve great heights