It really depends on each child's individual personality, on his or her ability to concentrate and keep attention span focused on the lesson.
It is crucially important to have a daily access to some sort of piano for practice and progress. Acoustic pianos would be preferable. In some cases digital pianos could suffice, depending on the piano. I do not recommend any type of digital keyboards. Some of the examples of good digital pianos could be found on Yamaha website in Clavinova and Arius models
I highly encourage parents or caregivers to attend all lessons and support and help kids with daily home practice. Based on my experience, progress for children that practice completely by themselves and those who get help at home cannot even be compared. Kids who get help progress much faster and achieve a higher rate of success.
As much as it is important to encourage a child to practice, it is also important not to push too much and force kids to practice a set number of hours or minutes. Often this leads to a completely opposite and negative reaction to practicing and to piano. In this business consistency and efficiency are more important then length. In the beginning, 10-15 minutes would be enough. With increase in experience and repertoire kids will need more time. In the end it is not how long he or she practiced, but what they accomplished during that practice.
The more I teach the more I see that there isn't a single method to teach everyone. Every child requires individual approach. One thing that I can say for sure is that I do not teach Suzuki Method.
No, I do not travel for lessons. I only teach in my home studio in Fairfax Station, VA.
No. On regular basis I do not teach on Saturdays and Sundays. I keep them opened for possible make up days, rehearsals, etc.